Skin Irritation and Laundry

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Skin Irritation and Laundry

For many of sufferers of skin disorders, laundry detergents and fabric softeners can be huge irritants. They can cause flareups or further irritate already sore or inflamed skin.

The effects of these products is impossible to get away from. For almost 100% of your day, the thing closest to your skin will be your clothes or a towel or bedsheets.

You may prefer to use eco washing products.  If you do, and have seen an improvement in your skin as a result, please do comment and let us know.


1. Put each washing machine load through at least two, preferably three, extra rinse cycles thereby washing out all  the detergent.

2. Don't use fabric conditioners- at all!

Many of us associate cleanliness in our clothes with the smell and softness we get from fabric conditioners. So it can be dismaying when these are no longer present or when our towels don't look fluffy any more. However the artificial perfumes in these softeners seem to have an even worse effect than that of the laundry detergents. So ditch the softener and not only will be your skin feel happier, if you have delicate sinusses or any kind of respiratory allergy, these will also get relief.

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