We are available throughout the holidays!

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We are available over the holidays!

Hi, we're available throughout the Christmas and New Year break

Email: Please feel free to drop us a line any time.

Phone: Apart from Christmas Day itself, we're available every day from midday to 7pm UK time.  (The same as UTC, Universal Coordinated Time.)

So if we can help with anything, do get in touch.  We will  be happy to hear from you!

Call us on +44 207 993 4337  or use the Contact form.

Wishing you a lovely festive break and a safe and very happy 2022.

the PsoriasisSolutions team xx

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Easter Contact Info

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We're here over Easter if you need us!

Contact info
So if you would like help or advice on any of our products, do get in touch. Drop us a line or call us between 12 midday and 18.00 hours (UK / UTC-1 time). Tel: +44 2027 993 4337

As you know postal and other delivery systems are closed from Friday 30 March until Tuesday 2nd April. So our next despatch date is Tuesday April the 2nd. We will send out all orders from the long weekend on that day.

A very happy Easter to all our lovely customers!

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Free M-Folia Tablets!


Free M-Folia Tablets With Your Order!

* This offer ran from 27 Jan to 27 March 2018.  It isn't currently available but we will do an offer on another product soon.  If you have any suggestions, do drop us a line or give us a call.*

As you have no doubt found for yourself, psoriasis is best tackled from the inside out, as well as outside in.  This is why so much emphasis is placed on diet for psoriasis suffers and for sufferers of skin conditions generally.

So to encourage our lovely customers to add the inside to out approach to their treatment, we’re offering a free M-Folia tablets with every four items ordered. Your choice of Mild or Super Potency.  (These usually retail at £8.99 for the Super tabs and £7.99 for the Mild.)

The Mild tabs are equivalent to homoeopathic 6c and are suitable for mild symptoms.
The Super tabs are equivalent to homoeopathic 30c and are suitable for acute and/or persistent problems.

You dissolve one under your tongue 3 times a day.  But don't take don't them within 20 minutes of eating.

Each bottle contains 120 tablets which means you'll have enough for four months.  The bottles are light but sturdy so you can carry them around with you in your pocket or bag.

So, our offer is a free bottle of Mild or Super tablets when you order 3 or more items.  And non-UK customers, please note, the bottle will not contribute to any shipping charges!

Your multibuy discounts for 3 or more items ordered will, of course, still apply.

If you haven't previously tried the tablets, now’s your opportunity to try them for free.

The tablets offer is here: https://www.psoriasissolutions.net/m-folia-psoriasis-products/free-m-folia-tablets/

So happy shopping, and do get in touch if you need to ask us anything at all.  We're always happy to help.  (You may like to know that as a company we only sell products that we personally use.)

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